South of the Border 「國境之南」


In Taiwan, I never had enough time to waste, even though I stayed there for six months. While everyone was enjoying the Pacific island with cozy lifestyles, I was busy getting around exploring and experiencing everything and meeting all kinds of people, planting my memories in every corner.

I really didn’t want to readjust myself to the previous lifestyle , but leaving is for a better returning.

DSC_0200bCool to have a view of the Taipei 101 building from my dorm window

DSC_0113In Taipei, countless art events are taking place everyday

DSC_0148Food is definite the center of my life. Luckily I grew taller there than fatter.

DSC_0118The Treasure Hill Artist Village is a place I keep visiting. It’s like a secret habitat in the metropolis.

DSC_0168Treasure Hill Artist Village

DSC_0179Treasure Hill Artist Village

DSC_0196A path a pass everyday. Always filled with sunshine and a feeling of home.

DSC_0003A short visit to Yehliu. The sky was naughty.

DSC_0425Why people I came across in Hualien were all full of love and good-looking?

DSC_0338Night markets are showcases of the amount of people, also showcases of the energy of people.

DSC_0203Convenience stores are life-savers! How many meals I had in them when in strange places?

DSC_0318副本Hengchun, where the famous movie Cape No.7 was shot, is such a delicate town. It also reminds me of the old times.

DSC_0516I found out a truth that there are always many cats in cozy place around the world.

DSC_0010The Taipei zoo is a perfect place to be childish, with childish but yummy ice-creams.


Tour to Stanley

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Wandering around, then sitting by the seaside and waiting for the sunset——let’s call it a day!

Zeng Cuo An,曾厝垵

The small village Zeng Cuo An is developing into a new tourist attraction. I had some fun with my friends before the small place getting swallowed by people.