Turn my talent into your warmth

While children on the plateau are suffering from a cold winter, people in Shanghai are giving helping hands.

On Nov. 2nd to 3rd, a local grown NGO called Shanghai 1kg organized a donation raising for children in a primary school in Yushu, Qianghai province. It was a “children-to-children” charity event.

Children in Shanghai were raising money by holdingcharity bazaar selling works such as pictures and origamis with the guidance of their parents and Shanghai 1kg volunteers.

Instead of simply asking for money from their parents to donate, children were earning money with their own efforts. That’s what the organizers called “turn my talent into your warmth”.

The Yushu primary school is within a Shanghai 1kg charity program “Happiness Action”.

The school locates at an altitude of more than 4,ooo meters. And it is exactly where the 7.25 magnitude Yushu earthquake happened in 2010.

Winter comes early there. It has been very cold already when volunteers paid a visit in late September this year.

But children were dressed up in very thin clothes and shoes, with touching smiles.

Zhou Kechun, one of the volunteers back from Yushu, said this charity event could benefit children both in Qinghai and Shanghai.

Children in Yushu could feel the warmth from the society, which is beneficial to their growth. On the other hand, children in Shanghai could get to know what others’ lives are like thus be more caring.

They also learn to communicate with others in the process of convincing strangers to donate.

Shanghai 1kg is an NGO registered last year.

The original idea comes from a nation-wide NGO calling on people to pack one more kilogram of necessities for students in remote areas when they are travelling.

Now it has its own system and project ideas, but the spirit of love and care remains.Kevin Chou, father of the youngest participant, said, “love and givings are abstract concepts.

Through her efforts, givings and love, she can specifically experience the meanings.”


A dinner with Doraemon and ex-boyfriend

My interviewee, whose English name is also Liu Yangzi, told me her story about having a dinner with Doraemon and her ex-boyfriend.

She also told me after the interview that it helped her to look back and made things clear.

Do we really want to go back to the old days if there was a time machine?