About Me


This is Aileen from Inner Mongolia, mainland China. My Chinese name is Liu Yangzi, which means “child of the sun”.

I spent my last twenty years moving across China whether with my parents or by myself. There was even a time that the three family members lived in three separate cities. Hong Kong is the 10th city I’ve lived in. That special experience trained me to live independently at an early age. Now I’m totally excited about going to new places and meeting new people. Also, I’m lucky enough to have time to spend and chances to take.

I think I am energetic though I always appear lazy. As a student I’ve tried a lot subjects. The first two years in college I focused on literature and linguistics, and then I transferred to a related major about drama, movie and TV.  Meanwhile I studied a second major of Advertising which contained some courses on journalism. What I learned is quite comprehensive and allows me to develop myself in various directions.

Apart from those academic efforts, I did a lot of internships and social works. I have journalism experience in campus radio station, magazine, website and national TV station, some of which were serious internships; the others were just for fun. I’ve acted as a journalist myself but also been interviewed by journalists and assisted with the press conference providing service to journalists. It’s very interesting to be in different positions to look at things from different sides.

Last year I was exchanged to Taiwan. That experience provided me a chance to think out of the box and get a better understanding of China. There I met many unexpected people and heard more in-depth opinions on Dalai Lama, Falun Dafa and the Tiananmen Square protests. Since then I always try to be as objective as I can, look at both sides and make independent judgments.

What’s more, I have various interests including Guzheng(a traditional Chinese instrument), African drum, singing, horse riding and photography. I even set up a commercial studio with a group of friends. But we didn’t get wealthy, the little money we made was spent on picnics.

Still growing, still exploring.

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